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Daryl Boffman for Frederick County Executive
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Frederick County is at a pivotal moment in time with regards to the upcoming elections. We must forge forward with visionary leadership that can bring the community together as One Frederick.

We need tenacious leadership determined to restore our public school system to a level of excellence, while creating an environment where businesses thrive and grow.


We need mature leadership that understands that affordable housing, growth, financial stewardship, and a strong economy are all interdependent.


We need caring leadership focused on creating a community where our essential workers can afford to retire for the evening in the county they serve tirelessly.


We need responsible leadership that safeguards the environment, while respecting our residents’ rights to pursue happiness and business owners’ need for profit.


We need executive leadership that understands that well planned and managed growth in every sense will ensure Frederick County can compete in this global society.


Daryl Boffman's experience as a corporate executive combined with Board service for cornerstone community organizations have prepared Daryl to be the best candidate for County Executive.

Daryl Boffman Professional Headshot
Daryl Boffman at Winchester Hall
Daryl Boffman. Platform Goals
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